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La Cense Montana Professional School of Horsmanship
La Cense Montana Professional School of Horsmanship is truly a unique educational institution, offering one and two year certificates in Natural Horsemanship. Students work with up to four AQHA registered horses at a time and learn everything from beginning groundwork to advanced colt starting. The coursework is a combination of Equine, Business, and Education college courses and daily lessons and activities at La Cense Montana. La Cense Montana is dedicated to educating both horses and humans in the principles of natural horsemanship. With 88,000 acres of outdoor training facilities as well as a state-of-the art indoor arena, La Cense offers a number of educational opportunities for interested students. For more information please see the La Cense Montana School of Professional Horsemanship Website.

 La Cense Montana is home to state-of-the-art horse training facilities including a 60,000 square foot (230' x 110') indoor arena, a 220' x 110 outdoor arena, two 60' round pens and a full horse playground. Students are free to use the gathering room in the main ranch office to relax or communicate back home via email in their spare time.

Because of its large, 88,000 acre size, La Cense Montana is able to offer students a wide variety of riding environments including open range riding, mountain trail riding, and cow work, all with spectacular views of southwestern Montana's open grasslands, rivers, and timbered slopes.

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