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Our mission statement is both simple and unique: La Cense Montana is dedicated to educating high-quality registered Quarter Horses using Natural Horsemanship methods. We offer recreational horse lovers of all levels and experience the opportunity to truly enjoy strong, sound, and safe horses.

 La Cense specializes in Quarter Horses because they are the most versatile of all breeds. From natural breeding farms with proven breeding stock, we hand pick physically sound horses that were foaled and raised in a natural herd environment. We select our horses for their conformation and disposition, as well as for their strength and beauty.  

The horses come to La Cense as "untouched" two-year-olds, having had minimal contact with humans. The horses roam the ranch's 88,000 acres as they grow. Across the ranch's flat and mountainous terrain, the horses become familiar with rocks, boulders, badger holes, creeks, bridges, and other obstacles they are likely to encounter later in recreational riding.

Natural horsemanship education at La Cense is a patient, two-year process inspired by the methods of Natural Horsemanship masters such as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Ronnie Willis. Taking a positive and respectful approach, our trainers gradually build trust and free the horses to be confident in all they are asked to perform.

By replicating the instinctive "language" horses use to communicate with each other and to teach their young, the trainers instill an effective method of communicating with humans. When the horses are offered for sale as four-year-olds, they are sensitive, responsive and ready to build a meaningul partnership with you.

A La Cense horse will only be offered for sale after he demonstrates to our team of professionals that he is able to perform every task that corresponds with his stated level of development. Each horse is evaluated in the arena and on trails, both alone and in groups, and he must meet numerous benchmarks for skill and behavior.

The result of this patient, nautral training process is a great riding horse.  

The La Cense Montana horses make wonderful partners for the recreational rider. If you're interested in finding your dream partner, please contact us by phone at 406.683.8777, or click here. Because we take great care in matching the rider with the right horse, we'll interview you about what you're looking for in a horse, your riding level and activities, and other related information. From here we'll choose a small group of "match" horses that we believe to be good prospects to become your dream partner. We then invite you to visit the ranch to meet your "match" horses. Our trainers will demonstrate each horse for you and you'll try each horse out for yourself, both in the arena and out on the trails. We find that the choice often becomes obvious and, frequently, it's the horse who does the choosing.